Josh Allen to Trey Lance: Ignore doubters, let your game do the talking

When quarterback Josh Allen was heading for the draft in 2018, there were plenty of people wondering if he could make the jump to the NFL because he didn’t play against the biggest names in college football while at Wyoming.

Trey Lance finds himself in a similar position in this year’s draft class. Lance started the whole 2019 season at North Dakota State, but the school only played one game in 2020 and playing in the Football Championship Subdivision means his list of opponents was lower profile than what Allen faced while in college.

Doubts about Allen’s ability to make it as professional have fallen away since he joined the Bills. In a video for the NFL, Allen sent a message to Lance telling him how to do the same for himself.

“Trey, what’s up man? Josh Allen with the Bills here. Let me tell you something,” Allen said. “You’re always going to have doubters. I’ve heard it all before. ‘You’re not good enough to play quarterback in the NFL. You’re untested. Your competition is too weak.’ Ignore them. Get on the field and let your game do the talking. It’s time to make some noise, Trey.”

Lance will have a second Pro Day next week in order to give teams one more thing to think about as they ponder giving Lance the platform to show that he’ll be right at home in the NFL.