McDonald’s fan claims you can order ‘McBrunch Burger’ if you visit at right time

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up at McDonald’s to bag yourself a breakfast only to find you’ve missed the cut off by a matter of minutes.

But one customer has claimed you can actually use the situation to your advantage by getting your hands on an off-menu item.

TikTok user @Theglasssniper racks up millions of views by trying secret menu items at fast food chains and says if you visit McDonald’s as they switch between breakfast and lunch, you can ask staff to make you a ‘McBrunch Burger’.

In a video that has been viewed 4.7 million times, he explains: “Now this particular guy has two names to it; it’s called the McBrunch Burger or it’s called the Mc10:35.

“Why you ask? Well, there is a very small window at McDonald’s where you can get breakfast and lunch at the same exact time.

“It’s a lot tinier than the other ones. So apparently it’s a double cheese burger with egg and hash brown.”

Although there appeared to be a mix-up with his order, leaving him with sausage instead of egg, others said they couldn’t wait to try and get one for themselves.

However, people claiming to be McDonald’s employees refuted the video, with one writing: “I work at McDonald’s, I’ve never heard of it and the window of time ain’t that small it’s 30 minutes when we switch over.”

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And another said: “As a McDonald’s employee… THERE’S NO SECRET MENU!!!”

But all hope may not be lost, after another McDonald’s worker previously said that although the secret menu doesn’t officially exist, it shouldn’t stop you ordering items from it.

He said: “You have the ability to customise almost anything on the menus.

“Thanks to social media, I have customers ask for crazy items such as the ‘Mega Mac’ or the ‘Land, Air and Sea burger’.

“This isn’t on our menu nor are we trained to create these orders. I usually ask the customer what the item consists of and what they would like to add. I usually remember these items for the next person that asks.”

So the best way to get a double cheese burger, hash brown and egg combo may be to simply try your luck and ask.