Jaguars fans get Trevor Lawrence a wedding gift, charity donation

Trevor Lawrence may not be a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the fan base from treating him like he’s already a part of the club.

Lawrence, the presumptive No. 1 overall pick in this month’s NFL Draft, got married over the weekend and a collection of Jaguars fans ponied up for a gift.

Via Kassidy Hill of Jaguar Report, the group, spearheaded by Eric Dillard, banded together to get a tech-heavy toaster that was listed on the couple’s wedding registry. The cost of the toaster was $300.

“When I first posted it, it was a joke but I absolutely thought we’d get the $300…I’ve helped kick-start a few crowd funding type events this year with a book drive in January and donating to help restore the old Stanton Building in downtown Jacksonville in February so getting the $300 always seemed realistic,” Dillard said.

However, the efforts to get the Lawrences a toaster then became much more. The donations roared past the $300 mark and into the thousands.

“I quickly jumped back on Twitter, opened a poll with the idea of donating the rest after purchasing the toaster and maybe the vacuum,” Dillard said. “I thought it was important to float the idea first because I had already collected $2,250 at this point and wanted people to be okay with where their money was going. I believe the poll ended around 87% in favor of donating the rest to charity.

The extra money raised from the fundraising effort will eventually go to a charity of Lawrence’s choice.

“Friday was really a great day on Twitter. Sense of community was at an all-time high,” Dillard said. “But like I said earlier, for as exciting and incredible as it is – when you step back it’s not surprising. This community loves to give. Add in the Jaguars and things will always get weird.”